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  1. Apache сервер
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  3. Для распаковки ZIP-архива шаблона: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)
  4. PHP v.5 или версии выше
  5. Figma
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Clean, white and sterile - this Joomla template almost smells with medicine. Any visitor who will enter your website built on this theme will feel himself in a high-class professional clinic. The structure of the homepage is common and shows the potential patient what treatment he could get in your medical center. The sticky menu makes navigation simpler and makes the website easier to go through both for you and for your clients. Modest animation effects spice the website up a bit and attract attention to some parts of the page. The template package includes a bunch of ready-made pages like “Out team” and “History”, so you will be able to use them without creating anything from scratch.

This Medical Technologies Joomla template is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design is a technique of website design that allows pages to adjust to a screen size of any kind of gadget - may it be a personal computer, a laptop or a mobile.

Why is it Good?

Responsive design delivers a better UX for people that view a webpage on a smartphone or a tablet, plus really helps to improve positions of a website in Google search.

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This Medical Joomla design template is Retina Ready

What is it?

Retina ready concept refers to a high-resolution display screen, where pixel density may be so high, so the human eye can't make out particular pixels.

Why is it Good?

Being Retina Ready your website becomes available from Apple devices which expands the number of potential clients.

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This is a Parallax Medical Services Joomla theme

What is it?

A parallax scrolling is a technique in webdesign where background image moves at a slower pace compared to a foreground article, creating the illusion of depth.

Why is it Good?

A web page with parallax scrolling effect instantly catches the attention of a viewer and improves brand reputation due to the appealing design.

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This is a Bootstrap Medical Center Joomla template

What is it?

Bootstrap is really a super well-known framework, which makes the work with Web-page coding, CSS and JS much less difficult. It was developed as the tool to develop a responsive design, nevertheless over time it introduced a bunch of additional overall performance.

Why is it Good?

Applying such type of framework tremendously enhances the process of constructing pages. Common designs are easy to adjust, that provides an adaptable and easy method for constructing web page designs.

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