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WordPress Themes шаблон № 59022 на тему Интерьер и мебель

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Адаптивный WordPress шаблон №59022 на тему дизайн интерьеров



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Требования к программному обеспечению и хостингу

  1. Apache сервер
  2. Sublime Text2 или другие версии, Notepad++ или любой php-редактор
  3. Для распаковки ZIP-архива шаблона: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)
  4. PHP v.5 или версии выше
  5. Figma
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Bailey is a fully responsive, SEO friendly and well-documented Interior Design WordPress Theme, created for furniture & interior design websites. Impress your clients with professional showcasing of your cool design ideas with Cherry projects portfolio and show how special you are with versatile sidebar settings, multiple blog layouts, and a variety of header and footer styles. Make the use of your architecture house site easy for your audience with an appointment booking form. Compose your pages with joy and comfort with Power page builder, and edit your creative Cherry Framework 5 based theme up to your taste with WordPress Live Customizer. Embody all your customers’ ideas with this design studio theme!

This Photography News WordPress theme is WPML ready

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Making it possible to translate the site into various languages WPML package helps you broaden the prospect database with international users.

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This is Interior & Furniture Shop WP template with GPL License

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GPL License allows people to provide the original as well as the changed software.

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Once you've obtained a GPL license for your layout, you're getting the ability to use it multiple times after.

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This is Interior & Furniture WordPress theme with Sample Data Installer

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This is Interior & Furniture WordPress template with Appointment Booking functionality

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This is Design News WP theme with Portfolio

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