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WordPress Themes шаблон № 55460 на тему Интерьер и мебель

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Требования к программному обеспечению и хостингу

  1. Apache сервер
  2. Sublime Text2 или другие версии, Notepad++ или любой php-редактор
  3. Для распаковки ZIP-архива шаблона: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)
  4. PHP v.5 или версии выше
  5. Figma
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Consider this furniture WordPress theme to set up a well-managed website with a stylish layout and rich functionality. Its neat design in delicate colors will nicely present the whole assortment of your company, tell about it in a catchy way, and drive more visitors in. Large hero area, full-width featured blocks, emphasis of retina-ready-images - these are effective tools the design has at its disposal to engage the audience. Advanced Bootstrap functionality will empower your site, and Cherry framework will facilitate your work with it. The theme is fully-responsive, so your site will adapt to any screen size.

This is Home & Family Services WP template with Pop-up Manager

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Pop-up Manager is a tool that permits building and handling a lot of pop-up windows.

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Pop-ups might possibly be the simple way to keep your customers engaged with your hot promotions or some other sort of content material that could be truly worth their special notice.

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This Designer WordPress design is WPML ready

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WPML is a WordPress plugin. It supports creating a multilingual websites.

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WPML is a component that allows to make your web page multilingual.

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This is Furniture WP template with Sample Data Installer

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Sample data installer is a module that allows to setup and add a sample info to a web template fast and easy.

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You don't really need to obtain an extra plugin or attempt to fully understand how importing instruments of PrestaShop function - Sample Data Installer can do everything for you. It will let you download the essentials and after that modify it based on your business needs.

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This Designer WordPress template is Retina Ready

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It is a web concept that encourages high-quality image resolution with superior pixel density.

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The primary benefit of making you webpage Retina-ready would be the fact your subject material will likely not lose its top quality even if it's viewed not on the last-generation devices.

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This is a Parallax Photography News WordPress template

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This Furniture WP theme is Responsive

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This is an ability of the website to promptly adapt to any display size and resolution.

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Along with the expanding popularity of mobile phones, the quantity of persons who log on to the websites from mobile phones has grown considerably. This type of aspect lets you adjust websites to cellular devices and various screen extensions, ultimately offering cellphone consumers with improved opportunities.

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