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Shopify Themes шаблон № 68128 на тему Интерьер и мебель

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Hurst - Furniture Shopify Theme is a clean, crisp and eye-catching Shopify theme for furniture shops and interior/exterior design companies. This responsive and fully-featured furniture theme is easy to install and preview the live demos with a single click. It is built-in powerful Sections, which is based on the Shopify framework.

Hurst Furniture Theme is fully customizable so that you can make the changes as you want to accommodate the needs of your online store. Easily customize and manage your online store using powerful Drag and Drop Page Builder.

There are 2 distinct homepages with several pre-built pages. Hurst has an exceptional design with 2+ Sliders and Unlimited Color Options. It features Drop-down Menu, Mega Menu, Mega Menu with Image, Promo Banners, Featured Product, Tab with Product, Related Product, Custom Tab, and Product Review.

Hurst - Furniture Shopify Theme is super flexible and completely functional. It offers Product and Collection Sorting, Animations & Transitions, A Blog, Google Web Fonts, 15+ Preloader, Contact Form, Newsletter with or without Popup, A Comment System, Quick View, Ajax Cart Popup, Instafeed, and Twitterfeed.

This Shopify theme for furniture and home-wares offers SEO-friendly code, Social Media Icons, Google Maps integration, and Shipping Policy & Calculator. With cross-browser compatible Hurst, appeal your products to a broader audience. In addition, impress visitors with a stylish presentation of your store.

Craft your furniture online store in a matter of minutes without writing a line of code. Customer support is also provided. Additionally, you can find useful documentation. Get Hurst – Furniture Shopify Theme today!

Change Log:

Date: 12-01-2019

Version: 2.0.1


1. Modify: Product Description

Note: Images are not included.


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