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  1. Apache сервер
  2. Sublime Text2 или другие версии, Notepad++ или любой php-редактор
  3. Для распаковки ZIP-архива шаблона: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)
  4. PHP v.5 или версии выше
  5. Figma
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Modern interior design stores look more like art galleries, and so must the website be. It has to be both fancy, to attract attention, and practical, to, actually, sell things. This OpenCart template meets those requirements and is designed to make the interior design business more profitable. Big sharp photos and convenient product tiles make the shopping process easy and enjoyable. Visitors can preview every card without going to the other page, add it to shopping cart or a wishlist, that could be shared in the social media. Subscription form is simple but very illustrative, so no visitor will miss it.

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This is a Bootstrap Interior & Furniture OpenCart design template

What is it?

Bootstrap is an open-source framework for website and apps design.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap scales any of your web projects from mobile phones to desktops using the same codebase. It makes the web developing process faster and easier.

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This is a Parallax Interior & Furniture Shop OpenCart design theme

What is it?

This is a special process when the background design shifts more slowly in perception than the elements of the foreground. Because of this, Parallax generates a feeling of a three-dimensional space.

Why is it Good?

It makes a powerful perception for the individual, thereby attracting a large audience and compelling people to remain on the site. It's a easy way to include a highlight to a one-page website, revive an infographic, tell a story or display a portfolio.

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This Design Magazine OpenCart design is Retina Ready

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Retina screens are called so basically because they have such a resolution that the person's eye doesn't recognize separate pixels within it. Thus, the retina-ready design was made for this type of screens and this means that your own website would seem great on a Retina screen.

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Your images and the whole website content will look well-defined and beautiful. Colors are intense, bright and it makes your website to look much better on any type of device.

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This Interior & Furniture Company OpenCart theme is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design means that the webpage adjusts its size and shape to fit any sort of display screen, from the tiniest handsets to the largest Laptop computer screens. For every gadget, page components enlarge or lessen to appear perfect.

Why is it Good?

Responsive design makes sure that the website will provide a good viewing experience to all users across all devices.

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